Fungal Toenails

There is an approximated $4 billion used on fungal problems, including $1.5 billion for onychomycosis or toenail fungus. Around 35 million people in the United States and 700 million internationally, endure toenail fungus. Patients and physicians alike have few or no treatment options because of the safety worries related to oral medications available as the current usual treatment. A good deal of these strong drugs may cause liver damage!

This is certainly a risk that most are not willing to take. There are home remedies and there are thousands of products being pushed on the net, nevertheless, the fix for toenail fungus remains elusive. Dr. Alan Robbins sees dozens of patients every week complaining of the unsightly nail deformities. These patients have expended hundreds of dollars on remedies with no success. They have become so frustrated; Patients just want to wear their sandals in sunny Texas.

I am often searching for the most innovative technology to aid my patients and now I have found the answer, LASER. And not just any laser therapy. In my opinion, the Noveon Laser seems to be the clear winner. I first investigated other lasers but was not impressed. I could not obtain much data on these treatments.

In addition, other lasers uses the common ND: YAG laser at 1064 nm in the infrared spectrum that has a higher incidence of burns and pain.




The other lasers beam is dependent on the user placing the beam in a accurate manner and holding it at a set distance. Without this control and treatment success may vary and spots may be missed.


The Noveon laser has overcome this problem by utilizing pods that control the distance and the intensity of the beam contacting the nail. The actual laser device controls the treatment seamlessly allowing for the most predictable outcome with a reproducible dose of laser at a defined distance every time.


The Noveon is unique and uses 2 dissimilar wavelengths of low energy near infrared beams that give rise to death using light (no heat) without harming the normal tissues. This allows for more exhaustive treatments and better results with less probability of injury. Dr. Robbins has been selected by Nomir Medical to be one of the early adopters of this cutting edge science to do away with toenail fungus. The laser is powerful, proven and allows for reproducible results in a safe setting. The treatment is not covered by insurance but the demand is still huge!

There is no discomfort involved with the procedure. Most patients will undergo 3 separate treatment sessions with virtually no side-effects. The treatment session lasts 16 minutes or less and is done in a comfortable office setting. This laser is FDA cleared for multiple uses, it is still in clinical studies for fungal toenails.(Not cleared for fungal toenails) It is available now.

So get ready to say goodbye to unsightly toenail fungus. When YOU are considering having the treatment you should have the best. And I believe that it is worth the wait for the Noveon which is now available.


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